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Fine Art Gallery

Loving Beauty More Than Efficiency


The way art is created holds deep importance to the maker. The hours, the days, the weeks and in some cases the months one puts into bringing a work to fruition is a task that presents many challenges. Some may look at a piece of art and never really think about what is involved in it’s creation and only consider the end product and the ease of which it could have been made.


All four of the artists in this exhibition make work by no easy means: They cut pieces of paper with ultra-precision and affix them to a surface that’s as smooth as glass, tricking some viewers into thinking they are computer generated work. They sculpt giant works weighing hundreds of  pounds and fix them together like a puzzle, or create works by hand and then scan and assemble them in the digital world. They construct wooden boxes with images painted in the manner of Renaissance masters, sculpt seashells and berries and flowers and put them together as an assemblage.


Some will wonder why? Why not use an image found online and just make a digital collage? Why use clay and stone to make a sculpture that weighs hundreds of pounds? Why not draw on a tablet to make a digital print? Why not just use found objects to assemble these small architectural vignettes? Why do this when there are easier ways to create artwork?  Simple: they love what they do, they consider the tools and techniques an important map to their creations. So when you look at these pieces think about the dedication to get to the end result. Not everything that’s efficient is efficient.



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