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Winter has settled into mother Earth. She has drawn her energy deep within once again. There is less sunlight for the leaves to collect or to nourish plants. No serenading songbirds or pollen for the bees. The flowers, trees and foliage of the forests are gone. Vibrant colors have disappeared and the days are shorter. All of the sunlight and energy that was received during the warm months is now distilling into a more potent form below the surface of the Earth.  It is this potent serum, or sweetness that feeds nature through the cold winter months providing a source of nutrients for fauna and foliage until the Earth warms again.

In springtime this sweetness will rise up inside the plants and together with the sun will bloom a new season.

So we ask in this call,  What is your syrup? What is the sweetness that gets you through winter? Where does your power come from?



Deadline for entry: February 7, 2018

Acceptance Notification: by February 9, 2018

Art Delivery Date: February 16th - 19th

Reception: February 23, 2018  6-9pm

Gallery Commission Split: 60% artist, 40% gallery


Media Accepted: Painting, drawing, sculpture, ceramics, photography, hand made jewelry, textiles and encaustic.


Fee: $20. for 1-5 pieces


Acceptance: All artists will be notified via email by February 9, 2018. Accepted works must be display ready, framed accordingly (dependent on media) and available for sale. Artists are responsible for shipping and insurance to the gallery and back. Works are insured while in the presence of the gallery.


Entry Procedure: Images should be 72 dpi at 10” on the longest side. Dimensional works may submit up to 2 images per work.

Please label all image files as:  ArtistName_Title_Medium_Price. Please provide a CV and short Bio as well.



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