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Jeff Wigman studied painting and sculpture at Parsons School of Design (1992) in New York City. He works as an artist and designer and occasional animatronics maker. Jeff is also a longtime meditation instructor and has led classes on contemplative art practice. Since moving his studio to Troy, NY in 2006 he has shown his paintings in group and solo shows in the region.

I’m becoming impatient with stories. Stories are fun, but they’re tepid next to the crucial and living quality of just painting—that vivid bubbling of not knowing what comes next. Oil painting is like playing in the dirt. Half of the fascination occurs on the palette, playing with the substance itself—pure signals of color. And the oils and balsams smell like the higher realms and act like candied light. Such gratitude for the paint makers. e senses are an open gate to the in nite. Applying the paint, I just try not to ruin it or dampen its qualities, like a cook trying to get the most out of good ingredients. I want that space of enlivened senses, buzzing phenomena, where words don’t rule. Color is the propellent; its activity was never accounted for by literature or science. And the gesture and touch is a map of trust in time well spent. e images and stories point to the inexplicable, unreasonable, humorous, but I’m finding ways to rely on them less.

Drunken Siren
Oil on linen
Durer Inspired
Oil on linen
I Got You
Oil on panel
Oil on linen
Oil on linen
Perfect Comedy
oil on panel
Oil on linen