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%Each of my carved vessels can be ‘read’...hand-carved surfaces, each unique, use pattern, texture, symbols, to create a timelessness and a sense of mystery. The designs contain a visual language that is sensed, or implied, revealed or unseen, intended or imagined. Each piece has a theme, a word, a phrase, a symbol, carved and hidden in the surface. There, yet not...requiring searching to discover what is embedded into the design. %
The forms are wheel-thrown, the forms simple, classic. The designs in the surface are drawn and carved while the clay is leather-hard. Glazes and stains are applied after the piece is bisque-fired and then fired once more, to finish.
Each piece is designed to appear unearthed, archaelogical...ancient and yet contemporary....vessels to hold and contain that which celebrates life and memories.
My work is meant to evoke a sense of mystery, and asks the viewer to look closely, to touch, to examine...each container meant to hold that which is both sacred, extraordinary or ordinary, for embracing and saving a memory, to give honor to a life...vessels and objects of spirit, story, memories.

Carved Vessels - Arrangement
Carved Stoneware
Peace Bowls I & II
Carved Stoneware
6" x 5"
Vessel I
Carved Stoneware
16" x 4"
Vessel II
Carved Stoneware
15" x 4"
Of the Flame I
Brownware carved vessel
7" x 4"
Randi Kish Ceramic brown ware
Brownware carved Vessel
12" x 5"