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Igor Grechanyk was born in Kiev, Ukraine and raised in an artistic family. From a young age, he took great interest in art and drawing. He attended the Republican Art School and later graduated from the State Art Institute in Kiev. Presently, Igor Grechanyk’s work and talent have made him an integral part of the pleiad of renowned Contemporary Artists. Numerous exhibitions of his work, all over the world, have invariably enjoyed success. His style is well recognized on the global level.
His artworks cross a boundary into the unknown realm. They are impressive in their gracefulness and force of inner energy. As a Dutch Art Historian, Poet and Curator Gerrit Ludinga described:, “primeval power, beauty and elegance vie for priority…, the spiritual, immaterial expression takes precedence over and gloriously outshines the material reality of the sculpture”. “In fact, Igor Grechanyk’s sculptures may be seen as symbols of a spiritual entity. His art shows a strong affinity with Symbolism, which, as a reaction to the realism that dominated the arts around 1850, focused attention on the power of imagination, fantastic images and intuition”.
Over the years he completed several significant commissions for monuments in public areas in Ukraine and other countries. His works are held in important private and museum collections in Ukraine and abroad.
Igor Grechanyk is a member of the National Artists Union of Ukraine, a member of the Society for Art of Imagination, London, UK, a leader of the Creative Association “The Golden Gate”, Kiev, Ukraine, a foreign artist of the Yuehua Painting Academy, Guangzhou, China.

12" x 8"
16" x 10"
10.5" x 7"
Music Over new York
28" x 8"
Sining Fish
20" x 3"